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Starving Office Worker, you have come to the right place!

Whether the goal is to keep meeting attendees from straying off premises in search of food, or it is to maximise lunchtime opportunities for face-to-face collaboration, or even if it is to simply enjoy the pleasure of eating together with colleagues, workplace lunches are now a fixture in offices up and down the country. In days gone by, employees made their own sandwiches and brought them to work. Nowadays, aside from a few nostalgic hipsters, the time-poor employee does not have time to prepare their lunchtime treats. Our cousins across the pond were the first to pick up on the 'lunch delivered' trend. Companies such as lead the way. In downtown San Francisco where rents are high, foods delivery companies not only provide treats for employees, they are also some businesses' virtual canteens. The successful food delivery companies are not only those most ready to respond to last minute request but are also those that are most responsive to their clients' needs and tastes. Here at OfficeServe we are, as our name suggests, ready to go the extra mile for everyone - from hard-pressed executive assistants tasked with setting up eleventh hour meeting, right through to procurement professionals looking to provide satisfying and enjoyable lunchtime food for their colleagues. On our website you'll find we provide a convenient and easy ordering process (that we are constantly optimising to give you back time to get on with what is really important to you). And rather than having to nip out to buy food in, our food will find its way to you at your premises. We can fairly claim to be only the caterer that deliver anytime, anywhere up and down the country. OfficeServe also boasts a wonderful selection of foods and snacks. Caterers like ourselves start their work early, up with the birds to prepare the morning's corporate breakfast deliveries, whether that is wholesome porridge, yoghurt pots, assorted juices, fruit skewers or freshly baked croissants. Lunchtime and we are onto the savouries. Our old friend the sandwich makes it appearance – white and brown bread with our signature fillings generously tucked inside. Complementary tastes and flavours come in the form of moist and juicy wraps, salad boxes and assorted nibbles. So if you have a business meeting, a conference or a training day where you need to please your boss with some marvellous hospitality or even just some food to keep your star performers going, contact OfficeServe, a nationwide providers of quality workplace breakfast & lunches.

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