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Staff benefits of providing free food onsite

You don't have to to much searching online to find the rising popularity of free food in workplace culture. This trendy perk, often found in start-ups, tech companies, and media organisations, is usually built into operational costs and generally improves staff morale - boosting happiness and retention. Employees are more inclined to stay if they feel connected to their colleagues and the company. In addition, there's other non-monetary benefits for incoporating free food into your workplace culture, which are discussed below.

If offering food to staff is something you're considering, make sure to check out our selection of breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, tray bakes, cakes, and cheese boards.

Encouraging more time at work

There's lots of reports and studies highlighting the time/cost benefit of hosting lunch onsite. Depending on staff hourly wages, a free food programme often pays for itself. On average, it takes people an hour to eat offsite. When food is provided, this time can be cut in half to 30 minutes. This reduction can lead to an increase in productivity throughout the week. In addition to the labour cost benefit, catered staff lunches encourage increased staff mingling and friendships. If anything, free food provides a reason for employees to stay in the office longer than usual.

Neil Middlemass on free food

We spoke with Neil Middlemass, a recruitment lead who works with companies seeking to scale their digital marketing teams. In this capacity, he's noticed an increase in the number of companies, particularly start-ups, offering free food as a benefit.

Neil cites one example where he noticed friendships forming around the lunches offered at a leading digital agency. According to him, there was a ceremony around food where people took time out of their day to sit down and properly eat together. This daily pause forged stronger relationships, leading to an increase in staff retention. Additionally, the free food benefit (including breakfast and lunch) actually saved money while increasing productivity and happiness. As an added bonus, to entice new employees, the company could offer £1-2,000 per year (in food costs) as part of their hiring package.

Let OfficeServe handle all your staff lunches (and breakfasts)

With over 50 menu items, we're here to cater your next staff breakfast, lunch, and anything in between. When ordered by 3PM, you'll receive your food the following day. If planning a meeting offsite, OfficeServe will go to most locations in and around London and South East, including parks, (check your postcode online). Ranked highly on Trustpilot, we're committed to offering fresh, restaurant quality food at the best possible value.

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