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Fresh Summer Salad Ideas for the Office — Delivered

A fresh new range of handcrafted salads are on the menu at OfficeServe and available for delivery to your next office meeting. When your team is craving something light, healthy and flavourful, our shared salads for a group are the perfect option to serve at your next team event, meeting or working lunch. We listened to customer feedback and are excited to introduce our all-star salad lineup, all available for delivery as large shared salad bowls (serves 5) or individual portions. It’s a fresh excuse for a meeting.

Mighty Meaty Salads

Salad delivery for office meetings have two musts; they MUST be fresh — no wilting leaves or wimpy wontons, and they MUST be tasty — well paired flavours to make a complete meal. OfficeServe delivers on these salad musts with our mighty meaty salads, full on freshness, flavour and, if we may so about a salad, fun!

Cajun Chicken Rice Salad

Cajun Chicken Shared Salad

Starting with a
Louisiana twist our Cajun Chicken Rice Salad is served with freshly sliced chicken, sweetcorn, mixed salad leaves, roasted red peppers, fresh coriander and zesty lime wedges.

Harissa Chicken with Lemon & Mint Rice Salad

Harissa Chicken

Something for the Tzatziki lovers, this spicy chicken salad packs a punch. We combine a fresh, tangy lemon and mint base with crunchy pomegranate seeds, roasted red peppers and a pot of Greek Tzatziki to cool down the spicy chicken.

Pulled Pork & Pickled Pink Slaw Salad

Pulled pork shared salad

Melt in your mouth pulled pork for the win! This mighty meaty salad will soon become an office favourite that may arbitrarily inflate your meeting attendee list! Coated in rich BBQ sauce and topped with our specialty crunchy slaw, this pork salad is paired with sweetcorn, roasted peppers and a dash of pepper pot seasoning.

Fresh Salmon Centre Piece Salad

If we had to add a third salad delivery MUST, it would be appearance. Salads, and food in general, need to look appetising before they taste delicious. Consider our SALSA and BRC food safety accredited kitchen a food beauty parlour too, because these new salads are real lookers.    

Hot Roasted Salmon & Sweet Chilli Salad

Hot roasted salmon shared salad

Bright diced beetroot, edamame beans and gorgeous chunks of smoked salmon make this an Insta-worthy salad for your next office meeting. Rich and wholesome, our new Hot Roasted Salmon & Sweet Chilli Salad with quinoa stands up to the heat. It’s the perfect salad, anytime of year.

The Ultimate Vegan Duck Salad

A vegan salad to rival all other salads — no compromises! That’s what our new vegan salad delivers. This vegan duck salad is so well paired and tasty, we recommend you order enough for your meat-eating and vegetarian colleagues too.

Hoisin Vegan Duck Lettuce Salad

vegan duck shared salad

There’s something about lettuce boats that just make salads more fun. A handheld salad spooned into your mouth via a crisp lettuce leaf feels right, almost like you’re on some seaside holiday. Our new Linda McCartney Hoisin Duck salad will rally even the most dedicated meat eaters . Drizzled with Hoisin sauce, topped with crisp spring onions, red peppers, cucumbers and fresh red chilli, this salad is the ideal combination of hearty and healthy.

Delightfully Light Vegetarian Salad

Of course we didn’t forget to stick to our salad roots and create a strictly vegetarian salad that blends the best of all things veg — cheese, fruit and crunchy veggies.

Feta, Beetroot & Pomegranate Salad

Feta and beetroot shared salad

A treat for the eyes as well as the stomach! This salad is a lovely mix of fresh flavours that will liven up any lunch or afternoon meeting. With crunchy red beetroot, bulgar wheat and butternut squash combined with a creamy feta cheese smothered with ripe pomegranates – this is great for our veggie lovers and those who fancy something super healthy for lunch.

Keeping with the Classics

As always, we have a few classic salad favourites now available in both individual and sharing sizes. Having a craving for a classic Chicken Caesar Salad or Tuna Nicoise? OfficeServe has you and your appetite covered. Take a look at all our shared and individual salads on offer and order something fresh, healthy and flavourful for your next office meeting or team lunch.  

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