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Sandwich Platter Delivery: Office Lunch Beyond Pret

It's 10:55am. Appropriate timing to commence the ritual Slack chatter; where to for lunch? Someone googles "Pret soup of the day". Sophie sends a shoulder shrug ¯\_(''')_/¯. Looks like everyone’s getting the same old same old.

Plus, it’s a working lunch so someone’s got to run out for the food. It’s your turn this week, so you get a tally of what the team wants. Jack and Carol have stuck with Veganuary, better drop by Veggie Pret too. Ooh, don’t forget Raju, he’s gluten intolerant.

12:45 the lunch meeting begins. You’ve succeeded, to some extent. Life carries on. Another dull working lunch. But what about office lunch beyond Pret and M&S? Something that will please everyone in the office, provide enough variety, be feasible to eat while working (sorry wok noodles, you’re out), and for the sake of sparing time and stress, someone who delivers to the office.

That’s where we come into play. OfficeServe is built around the needs of an office. We specialise in delivering high quality sandwich platters, wraps, salads, sharing platters and cakes perfect for working lunches. Order online (or ring our office), tell us what and when to deliver, and we’ll arrive promptly with freshly prepared food in 100% recyclable packaging. So start the Slack chatter early this week and place an order online with OfficeServe for your next working lunch. Here’s what we have on offer.   

Premium Sandwich & Wrap Platters

Smoked salmon wrap

No meager wrap slips out of our kitchens. Our Premium Wrap Platters focus on being flavorful and filling. More smoked salmon, less tortilla. More roast beef, less iceberg lettuce. It’s a winning combination that everyone in the office will love. In addition to the classics like Italian Tuna and BLT, we offer Vegan Sandwich Platters featuring homemade houmous and Mediterranean roasted vegetables.      

Finger Food — Meat, Veggie and Halal Platters

British Meat Sharing Platter

The mighty bite sized companion of any working lunch, the sharing platter. When a sandwich or salad isn’t quite enough, this is what your team is craving. With a dedication to dietary needs we offer a variety of vegetarian, halal and meat-lovers platters. Our Mediterranean Sharer is packed with herb falafel and Harissa chicken skewers, while our Premium Vegetarian Sharer features spinach pakoras and Quorn nuggets. A personal OfficeServe team favorite has to be our popular British Meat Sharer (pictured above) packed with spicy chicken goujons and BBQ sauce.  


Salad for One — Mix 'n' Match

Salads for One

Stay healthy and keep crumbs off the meeting table with our selection of single serve salads. At only £3.95 per person our range of salads fit the flavour and the budget. We keep it simple with the Classic Chicken Caesar Salad and kick it up to premium with our Tuna Nicoise or Wheatberry / Cran Apple Salad. Each salad comes with its own side pot of dressing to flavour as desired.


Power Hour with Cakes

Bite Size Cakes

Once the tough decisions are made, bring on the cake! A little mid-day sugar rush to accompany coffee or tea is a welcomed boost to any office meeting. OfficeServe recently introduced a new line of gluten free cakes including flavours like Coffee & Walnut and Red Velvet. We also keep it traditional with our Classic British Cake Platter featuring 25 bite sized pieces of heaven featuring Fudgy Chocolate Brownies, Raspberry & Coconut Slices, Lemon & Lime Slices,
Millionaire Shortbread Slices and Oaty Flapjack.


Order by 3pm Today for Delivery Tomorrow

Most office meetings are on the agenda well in advance. Google and Outlook calendars at the ready, our day to day is managed. So tick one task off the list and order food for your office meetings in advance. Ask us to setup a recurring order or simply order by 3pm one day in advance and our team will be ready to meet your demands. After all, OfficeServe was built by office workers for office workers. We get the hustle and we understand your needs for quality, reliability and a damn good sandwich!

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