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The Rise of the Breakfast Meeting

Breakfast meetings are a shock to the system for some, a saving grace to others. I remember the first time a company I worked for initiated monthly breakfast meetings; it was terrible. The idea was to align on company goals, brainstorm ideas and kickoff a fresh month together. Good intentions, poor execution. Not only did the concept have little buy-in from the team, no food was provided and the meeting had a general feeling of punishment.

Fast forward five years later to a different company and they nailed the breakfast meeting. It had team buy-in, involved different hosts from various departments and, most importantly, there was food. Good food. I found myself converting from a person who hated anything besides coffee at 8am to a happy employee who looked forward to switching up the regular 3pm team session for an early morning rise.

OfficeServe is on the other side of that breakfast meeting coin; we are part of what makes a breakfast meeting successful. We’re the guys with the food! Let’s take a look at the benefits of breakfast meetings and how to nail the execution.

Benefits of Breakfast Meetings

1) Meet habits in the middle

People are creatures of habit. Some develop good habits, others create routine out of necessity rather than intention.  Get up, eat breakfast, exercise, head to work at 7am while listening to an educational podcast. Good. Hit snooze 5 times, drudge through mandatory hygiene, show up to work at the latest acceptable hour. Passable. By many standards, typical. But what do you do when you need to bring these personality types together?

Regular breakfast meetings can help bring these two worlds together and get your team synced. The early bird still gets to have a productive morning and the latecomer, who most likely skips breakfast anyways, has incentive to show up a bit sooner. Colleagues who start their days together will continue through the workday in a more harmonious way. Read how Pivotal motivates its team with a 9:06am breakfast meeting.

2) Less likely to cancel

Emails, phone calls and the everyday unknowns of office life can bog down even the most focused of employees. A midday meeting can also kill a workflow or be met with lack of focus. Breakfast meetings have the benefit of being tough to cancel and require commitment. Traffic and a grueling commute may get in the way, but an earlier than usual start can often avoid this frustration overall.

Find a time that makes sense for the team. Do most people start before or after 9am? Does 8, 8:30, or even later, make sense for you and your team? The benefit of that early start is that by 9 or 9:30am the entire team has already achieved something together.  

3) More focused in the morning

According to a study by OnePoll, 67% of office workers claim they are more likely to pay attention at this hour, as opposed to late afternoon. Some colleagues may prefer to stay quiet in the mornings, but this regular brain exercise will eventually become a necessary part of starting the week or the month.  In addition to increased focused, breakfast meetings can deliver more productivity and actually save you money. Sure, you need to provide employees breakfast at a breakfast meeting, but now that they are there, they’re not going back home!

How to Plan for a Successful Breakfast Meeting

1) Create a habit (make it regular)

In my experience, team buy-in is important. Don’t position these meetings as a punishment, but rather an incentive to collaborate and eat something nourishing and tasty as a team. Following buy-in, make breakfast meetings a habit. This session can develop a reputation as “the meeting when we get things done” or “a brainstorm session that sets the month’s agenda”.  

2) Stick to the agenda

Start on time, end on time. Best practice for all meetings, but particularly important for breakfast meetings. It doesn’t need to cut into the regular workday, in fact, it gives employees back an hour that would otherwise be taken later that day. Identify meeting leader(s) and have clear goals for the session.

3) Provide quality food

Most importantly, provide high quality, nutritious and delicious food! Donuts and coffee might fly once in a while, but your team deserves to have fuel and enjoyment from the food. Be sure to hit these important nutrition and expectation points when ordering food for your breakfast meeting.

- Protein: smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels

- Carbohydrates: pan au chocolate croissants or houmous & avocado wraps

- Fruit: watermelon, strawberries, oranges, blueberries (whole and sliced fruit platter)

- Something warm: self-serve porridge

  • - Caffeine:  duh, coffee, coffee, coffee and don’t forget the green tea — matcha if you can
  • - Juice: think smoothies, Innocent Juice or iced tea — avoid soda

smoked salmon bagel

OfficeServe delivers all this and more. We deliver reliability. Tell us when, where and how many people, and we’ll be there at the ready with freshly prepared, delicious food to fuel your breakfast meeting. Does your team already host breakfast meetings? Let us know how we can help improve or start a successful breakfast meeting at your company.

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