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5 Reasons to Celebrate Admin Professionals' Day

Dear Admins, PAs, EAs, Directors of First Impressions, Chief Happiness Officers and Receptionists — today is all about you. Administrative Professionals' Day is celebrated annually across English speaking countries on the Wednesday of the last full week in April. Today, 25 April 2018, is a day to celebrate the work of the behind the scenes magicians, the people who set the stage for an ensemble of business success, and those who methodically plot the course of day to day office life. 

As a company focused on making office life amazing, we work closely with London’s top Admin Professionals. From Amazon and Barclays to The Transport of London and Shangri-La Hotels, our clients represent the best in class when it comes to doing business in the UK. We are proud to play our small part in making their business a success by delivering fresh, made-to-order food for office meetings and events.

As a small symbol of our appreciation for the hard work that goes into making a happy and productive office, we want to recognize the Admin Professionals we work with, and hopefully encourage others to do the same. The role of the Admin Professional has changed dramatically since the invention of “Secretary’s Day” back in 1952. Today we celebrate an indispensable role that challenges conventional stereotypes, fosters critical thinking and acts as the air-traffic controller to an otherwise chaotic skyline.

Here’s why we celebrate Admin Professionals’ Day, and why we think you should too.

1) It’s personal

When a Sales Executive goes above and beyond, they make more sales. When an IT Director crushes their role, infrastructure and customer data are airtight. When an Admin Professional delivers beyond expectations, they make the life of others they support better. It’s personal.

The work of an Admin doesn’t begin and end with office hours or fit into a tightly woven job description. The role itself demands fluidity and requires those in pursuit of career success to understand the underpinnings of how people tick. It lives between strategic business life and emotional personal life. Administrative Professionals deserve that extra acknowledgement because their above and beyond not only has a direct impact on the bottom line, but also on the wellbeing of those they encounter.  

2) Gratitude is a reward

Financial bonuses, catered lunch, bouquet of flowers, gift vouchers — this list goes on for what to gift admins on this day. It’s important to find something that’s appropriate for your company culture and relevant to the person being gifted. But don’t forget the power of gratitude itself. Appreciation can be defined as recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. While gratitude delves a step deeper and acknowledges that a particular goodness in life — in this case success at work — could not otherwise be achieved without the recipients efforts. Gratitude says, “I couldn’t achieve this without  you” while appreciation says “thanks for your help.”

Demonstrate gratitude to Admin Professionals by taking time to understand how their efforts directly impact your work life and tell them about it. Be specific. And throw in some flowers or a gift to boot.  

3) Opportunity for advancement

Celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Day lays the ground for a conversation about work success and defining tools or training that might be lacking. Particularly in the age of automation, PAs, EAs and Office Admins must identify and foster skills that are uniquely human and work in harmony with technology. Keeping up to date with technology isn’t just about making yourself robot-replacement-proof, but about learning how to effectively work with new systems and processes that have been turned on their heads due to technological advancements.

“Up to 15m jobs in Britain are at risk of being lost to an age of robots where increasingly sophisticated machines do work that was previously the preserve of humans”.

Use this day to talk about professional growth and take ownership of your career path. For ideas on how to get started, we recommend checking out the Executive & Personal Assistants Association campaign, Time To Train. They have great industry statistics, approaches to training and how to build a business case for securing the professional trainings you seek.  

4) Bring the role to the attention of others

Just as a straw can break a camel's back, a pasture is nurtured by a thousand drops of rain. Administrative Professionals enable businesses to achieve incredible things. They are the production managers to starlit actors. Major business success is not easily or immediately attributed to the admin role — Admins are the foundation of a house, not the fancy trim.

Highlighting members of the Admin Team and the role they play in the company can have a two-fold impact: 1) Colleagues will better be able to demonstrate gratitude once they understand the roll and how it impacts them 2) Colleagues who are in need of Admin support and unaware of how to move forward have more options. It’s not a casting call for those with problems to dump them on Admins, but rather a way to make the whole office aware of how the Admin Team functions within the company.

5) Excuse for good food

OK, so I’m putting this last because it’s a bit stereotypical, but also because it relates to enjoying good food with colleagues; a soft spot for OfficeServe. Take Administrative Professionals’ Day as an opportunity to eat delicious food together. A celebration, no matter how big or small, breaks up the work week and dots the month with something memorable. Building personal connections in the office is important to work happiness and productivity. Nothing facilitates this better than eating food together. So go ahead and take Administrative Professionals’ Day as a reason to share a healthy, tasty meal together.

Need help ordering food for delivery to your office? Here’s an insiders tip: your Office Admin orders online with OfficeServe. Wishing you all a Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

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