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Pulled Pork & Pickled Pink Slaw Salad (Sharing)

Pulled Pork & Pickled Pink Slaw Salad (Sharing)


Sharer version of our pulled pork and pickled pink coleslaw is a fun meal for spring and summer to brighten up any meeting. The pulled pork will literally fall apart in your mouth and tastes so good, your clients will be asking for more. We’ve coated the pulled pork in a rich BBQ sauce and we’ve seasoned it well with sweetcorn, roasted peppers and a dash of pepper pot seasoning. Our speciality slaw adds an extra crunch for excitement.
Pulled Pork
Pink Slaw
Mixed Salad Leaves
Wholegrain Mustard Potato Salad
Roasted Peppers
BBQ Sauce

*** Sorry this item - Pulled Pork & Pickled Pink Slaw Salad (Sharing) - is no longer available for sale, please click here to view all products ***