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Order breakfast online for delivery with OfficeServe. Working breakfast meetings can be just thing to bring your team together and start the morning with a burst of productivity. We make ordering breakfast for delivery to your office convienent, reliable and easy. With OfficeServe, your breakfast delivery will arrive bright and early at your office door. Simply browse our selection of breakfast items for delivery, select your delivery time-slot, and place your order.

Order Breakfast For Your Meeting Online

Order breakfast online for your next breakfast meeting. The best part? It's delivered directly to your office. No need to stress the morning of the meeting. Simply browse our selection of breakfast items, place your order online by 3pm and rest assured that we will deliver breakfast on time for your meeting. With a selection of bagel platters, pastries and porridge we offer a healthy and satisfying solution to providing food first thing in the morning.

Breakfast meetings are on the rise both for their proven ability to increase overall productivity and their cost saving benefits. Think about it. You get the team synced on the same time schedule, people start the day with success under their belts, and you've fed the masses with a healthy breakfast! Breakfast meetings are here to stay. And we know 7am is no time to be fussing over how to feed a team of hungry people. Plan ahead and order breakfast online with OfficeServe. We are up bright and early cooking so you can focus on more important elements of the working breakfast session. Be sure to order a selection of juices and perhaps a fruit platter to accompany the breakfast spread. Beverages and a few bites of fruit will be appreciated by the whole team.

So, what does your team fancy early in the morning? Working breakfast can mean different things for different people. Some will appreciate a sweet assortment of mini pain au chocolat and croissants. While others will reach for something hot like our sugar cane porridge pot served with a side of strawberries and mini pastry. And just to be sure you've covered all your basis, order a bagel platter for delivery too. We offer a selection of classic British bagels on both plane and poppyseed bagels with a rich spread of fillings. Each platter is comes with 8 bagels cut in halves and stuff with all the favourites: smoked salmon & cream cheese, egg & cress, ham & cheese, emmental, spinach & sun-dried tomatoes.