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One Year in Business, One Thousand Meetings Served!

Serendipitous timing spells magic. That’s how we feel at OfficeServe on the anniversary of our first year in business. On 7 April 2017 we opened our virtual doors and delivered our first sandwich platter to a hungry London office. One year later, nearly to the day, our 1,000th order was placed!

OfficeServe has grown tremendously as a team, a business and as a staple in making office life amazing for our valued customers. Here’s to you, hungry office workers, teachers, PAs, EAs, Office Admins and HR Managers; we thank you for your business, trust, appetite, reviews, feedback and making our first year in business a big success. Here’s how we’ve grown.

Delivered Catering for 1,000 Meetings

Our 1,000th order couldn’t have come at a better time. Returning from the Easter break, refreshed from the long weekend and ready to kick Q2 2018 into high gear, 2 orders were placed back to back pushing us to this milestone. Needless to say, we as a team were ecstatic!

Delivering food for office meetings is quite different than delivering food for individuals. As you know better than anybody, a lot goes in to organising a successful office meeting and PAs, EAs and Office Managers have a heavy weight to carry. OfficeServe is proud to make your life a little bit easier and deliver fresh, made to order sandwich, wrap and bagel platters, breakfast items, fruit platters, salads and sharing platters. We are prepared to deliver food to the next 1,000 meetings!

Doubled our Menu Offering

Beginning with the humble sandwich platter, we started simple. Our customers tell us that ordering delivery for meetings requires quality, and above all else, reliability. We remained focused on these key points to ensure we nailed the basics before venturing into a more adventurous food arena — meatless nuggets or wheatberry, cranberry and apple salad anyone?

Over the course of the year we steadily doubled our product range. We listened to customers who wanted to offer more variety for their vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten free and health conscious colleagues. There were a few meat lovers in there too who requested a larger mix of gourmet and snack worthy platters; think pork pies and pastrami with Gherkins. A few new menu highlights include:

vegan baguette platter

Vegan Baguette Platter for delivery:

3 x Houmous & Roasted Veg Baguette

3 x Avocado & Sweet Chilli Baguette

2 x Onion Bhaji Wrap

2 x Falafel & Tomato Chutney Wrap

veggie sharing platter

Premium Vegetarian Sharer for delivery:

8 x Quorn Nuggets

8 x Quorn Dippers

8 x Vegetable Spring Rolls

8 x Spinach Pakoras

All served with a Sweet Chilli Dip

British Meat Sharing Platter

British Meat Sharer for delivery:


5 x Southern Fried Chicken Goujons

6 x Pork Pie Halves

5 x Sausage Rolls

10 x Mini Savoury Eggs

10 x Mini Cocktail Sausages


All served with a BBQ Sauce.

Gluten Free Cake Platter

Gluten Free Cake Platter for delivery:

3 x Coffee & Walnut Cake

3 x Red Velvet Cake

3 x Chocolate Muffins

3 x Blueberry Muffins

FireFly ice tea

FireFly Ice Tea and Vita Coco Coconut Water for delivery:

Kiwi, Lime & Mint Juice
Lemon, Lime & Ginger Juice
Peach & Green Tea Juice
Coconut Water

Our Team Grew


Our foundation remains and we’ve added a few members to flesh out the house. We are a team of food lovers with a passion for what we do professionally. Most of us have been in the food business and online ordering space for a good portion of our careers. Our genuine focus on customer satisfaction, food quality and positive company growth align our day to day activities.

Maybe you've chatted to Amie about a delivery in progress or spoken to Mathias about a special event. Perhaps you've read my (Carly) articles or had a friendly invoice reminder from Whitney. Now, we'd like to put some faces and personalities to our names.   

Christoph Hascha, CEOChristoph Hascha, CEO

“I love a challenge and we had our fair share in the last year, but thanks to our customers who trusted and relied on us as well as the great team here, we have had success after success. Nothing makes my day more than another order delivered, another happy customer, another great review and another idea on what to do next. Needless to say, tasting new food is so much fun and feels a bit like Master Chef. ”

Favourite food: "Easy one for me, steak and chips."

Andy Trinder, CFO
Andy Trinder, CFO

“I’ve worked in a number of food businesses in my career and I love the fact that everyone has a view on food! We have created a platform to make ordering and invoicing easy and convenient for those of you responsible for planning your events/meetings. Our job is to make sure the food is interesting, innovative and tasty and that most importantly you can rely on us to deliver on time, every time. Seeing such growth here at Officeserve over such a short period of time is testament to us getting this right for our customers. ”

Favourite food: "What don’t I like!!….if you're pushing me to choose a favorite then then I’d probably go for Thai food!" 

Amie Harbron, Customer Service Manager
Amie Harbron, Customer Service Manager

“There’s nothing more pleasing than helping a customer with their meeting or event. I love assisting in organising as much I can for them and providing helpful suggestions for their menu. (It’s also lovely receiving a phone call after the event to hear how successful the food went down!)”

Favourite food: "Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup. It’s almost a daily occurance in the office."

Whitney James, Accounting & Finance
Whitney James, Accounting & Finance

“Working at OfficeServe has been a real mix of passions for me, food and numbers. ”

Favourite food: "Curry, curry, curry!"

Lewis Lovejoy, CTO
Lewis Lovejoy, CTO

"I work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly on Even though I spend most of my time toying with code, I'm also responsible for making our CRM and ERP systems work. It's a less direct way of making our customers happy and supporting logistics and communication here at OfficeServe."  

Favourite food: "Japanese - Sushi, Tempura, Gyoza, Shabu-Shabu"

Mathias Mandel, Head of SalesMathias Mandel, Head of Sales

”After a couple of years in the catering industry, I know that ordering food for clients or colleagues is not always an easy task. That's why I love providing customers with guidance and advice, whenever they need tasty food delivered straight to their office.”

Favourite food: "During a workday, I usually like to have a healthy salad, such as our Nicoise. When it comes to a fine dinner, I love Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine."

Alger, New Product Development ManagerAlger Barrington, New Product Development Manager

In the last year I have seen many people join this fast paced dynamic team, have seen many positive comments of the food and have seen the orders pile up! All great news for OfficeServe”

Favourite food: "I love slow cooked and BBQ foods. A speciality of mine is Moroccan Slow Cooked Lamb with a rice pilaf…Salivating just thinking of it!"

Graeme Horne, Marketing Director

"Finding a way to make a person’s life easier is not as easy as it sounds. People have very specific needs, and especially when you’re at work you can’t afford to have a supplier let you down. Going from 0 to 1000 orders in a year is a testament to the care that the whole team at OfficeServe has for making sure our customer’s meetings run smoothly. We’re thankful to our regular customers for giving us the opportunity to impress!"

Favourite food: "I love trying new things - I’ve really gotten in to Korean, Taiwanese and Malaysian food recently. Honestly though, no matter how far you search nothing beats steak!"

Carly Burdova, Inbound MarketingCarly Burdova, Inbound Marketing

"Nothing pleases me more than a proper meal. When the opportunity arose to help OfficeServe build their online presence, I jumped, and then asked when “market research” (read: food sampling) could begin.”

Favourite food: "Hailing from California, I crave anything Mexican. But I have to admit my soft spot for BLTs!"

So, Who's Hungry?

With customers ranging from corporate to startup, non profit to public service, we know one thing beats true through all offices — hunger! OfficeServe will continue to uphold our promise of quality, tasty food delivered on time, directly to your office door. We look forward to serving you. 

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