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Office Guide to Ordering Snacks for Meetings

Office meetings take on a life of their own depending on the topic being discussed, the attendees, time of day and — let's face it — the food being served! From suit and tie to PJs-on-the-bottom video conference calls, meeting etiquette varies. We think the food should vary too. There’s a time and place to impress clients with fancy food and another to dig into a handful of finger-licking good crisps with office colleagues. Not every meeting calls for a complete spread of food (although we think a satisfied belly helps ideas flow) every meeting does call for snacks.

Hosting Clients — Step up the Snack Game

indulgent snack sharer

Law firms, creative agencies and organizations that host client meetings need to have office catering on point. They say love travels through the stomach as do business decisions. When it comes to making business deals, the merit of your work is clearly superior to a good salmon wrap, however, there is a reason to wine & dine clients — it works! Impress visiting clients or potential job candidates with an indulgent platter of chocolate covered raisins, dried fruit and sweet almonds. Or set up a tea-time display of bite sized cakes with all the classics like Red Velvet, Victorian Sponge and Chocolate Fudge. It’s a nice touch that makes visitors feel valued with minimal effort and financial investment.

Team Status — Bring on the Crisps 

Crunchy Gastro Bites Platter

While an appropriate level of table manners are maintained among colleagues, these are the people who see you dreary eyed pre-coffee and stressed out post-Wednesday. They’re people with whom you commiserate the bad, celebrate the good and make perfect company to dig into a pile of pork scratchings! Team status sessions call for a hearty serving of crunchy bites and those feel-good salty snacks you’d serve yourself at home with friends. Put out a variety of twiglets, crisps and nuts in small jars around the table. Don’t forget to provide beverages as well to wash it all down.

Creative Session — Food for Thought

Savoury Vegan Platter

What helps ideas flow? Food! Brainstorming or ideas sessions require more than just nuts and crisps to surface bright ideas. Give your team the fuel they need by providing food for thought and food for taste. Go for a full snack platter, dips and all. Provide finger-food for every dietary preference including vegans, vegetarians and halal. While a platter full of British meat delights will please some others may prefer falafel balls, onion bhajis or veggie crudité. Order food for the scheduled session with enough room for an additional last-minute increase in headcount. The extras will always find their way to a hungry mouth.

1+ hour Meetings or Close to Lunch

Shared salad platter

As a rule of thumb, meetings shouldn’t drag on for more than an hour. In fact, some research suggests 15 minute meetings are ideal. Reality, however, suggests that some meetings require more time. When such a topic necessitates more than one hour, provide attendees with a proper meal. While snack platters are perfect for shorter meetings, document signings or interviews longer meetings, or those which cut too close to lunch time, deserve something more substantial. Order a selection of sandwich platters and shared salads to ensure the meeting doesn’t stop short because of rumbling tummies.

No matter the topic, time of day or guest list, OfficeServe has just the thing to make your meeting complete. Browse our selection of snack platters, shared salads, baguettes, wraps, sandwiches, cakes and beverages all available for delivery directly to your office. We're the missing piece to your snack happy meeting.

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