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Office Christmas Catering Beyond Cranberry Sandwiches

If there’s anywhere in the world that knows how to deck the halls for Christmas, it’s London. Forget boughs of holly, think bigger. Think Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics strung across the streets of Carnaby. Think larger than life blue peacock feathers on Bond Street. OfficeServe aims to match the festive spirit in the office with our beyond cranberry sandwich Christmas menu.

While our sandwich platter game remains strong (we do have some delicious cranberry sandwiches), we’ve introduced new favourites to make your end-of-year office meetings fantastic.

Butternut Squash & Walnut Pesto Wrap

wrap platter for delivery

No longer is Christmas a time for office vegetarians to snack on cookies while others enjoy a beautifully catered lunch. We’ve put vegetarian specials on a pedestal with a creamy, peppery Butternut Squash & Walnut Pesto Wrap, available on both our Christmas Wrap Platter and Christmas Sandwich & Wrap Platter.

Each food platter feeds 5 and are served with a mix of vegetarian, fish and meat fillings. Be quick to grab a piece of our Wensleydale & Festive Chutney with Spinach Sandwich — another vegetarian special hard to pass up.

Chocolate & Sour Cherry Mince Pie

premium mince pies for delivery

One bite of our Chocolate & Sour Cherry Mince Pie and one understands the sinful origins of the innocent looking pastry. In the 17th century, Christmas pies were looked down upon by Puritans, condemned as idolatrous by the Catholic church and called an invention of the Scarlet Whore of Babylon by the Quakers.

Come to think of it, our mincemeat pies are worship worthy, but the speed at which they’ll be consumed leaves little time for idolatry. The all butter chocolate pastry topped with a sour cherry mincemeat, finished with a chocolate crumble topping and a sprinkle of sugar dusting can be our little secret.

Three Bird Roast Wrap

Birds of a feather flock together in our succulent Three Bird Roast Wrap, available in our Christmas Wrap Platter and Christmas Sandwich & Wrap Platter. We’ve taken the classic roast route and combined duck, turkey and chicken with a lovely cranberry spread and a sage, parsley stuffing to make this meat-lovers wrap. Our Three Bird Roast Wrap is the kind of indulgent treat one can only pull off around the holidays. Enjoy.

Vegan Wheatberry, Cranberry & Apple Salad

vegan Christmas salad for delivery

Sticking with our promise of providing tasty food for all dietary needs, we’re featuring our handcrafted vegan salad packed with a bright burst of fruits and healthy portion of wheatberry. This vegan showstopper includes apricots, spring onion, apple, cranberries, mixed leaf salad, wheatberries, all topped with a sweet chili & ginger soy dressing.

Before the end-of-year party, comes the end-of-year meetings. Order catering online with OfficeServe to wrap 2018 up with the season's best flavours. Don't worry, you can order a sinful mince pie platter all for yourself and we won't tell anyone.

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