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OfficeServe Launches New Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Platters

OfficeServe is proud to announce a fresh new line up of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free sandwich and snack platters for office meetings. Going vegan or gluten free isn't always just a stylish choice, it's often a personal, medical or lifestyle decision that deserves respect. We listened to customers and delivered on our promise: more options for everyone! Don’t worry, meat-eaters, we added something special (and spicy) for you too.

Vegan Baguette and Wrap Platter

vegan sandwich platter

Houmous, avocado, onion bhaji and tomato chutney are the highlight ingredients in our new vegan baguette and wrap platter. The rising star in our kitchen, homemade houmous, goes a long way without dairy and is paired with oven roasted vegetables in our newest baguette. We keep the variety going with onion bhaji wraps — crispy with that classic blend of Indian spices, and falafel wraps stuffed with homemade tomato chutney. And finally, how could any vegan platter be complete without a hefty portion of avocado?

Be sure to order more vegan baguette and wrap platters than your official vegan headcount, because vegetarians and meat-eaters will want in on this platter too!


Premium Vegetarian Sharer with Quorn

Vegetarian sharer platter

We’re happy to offer our vegetarian customers more options than just fruit platters (not to downplay sliced watermelon, strawberries and blueberries, but come one, vegetarians like variety too). In addition to our amazing vegetarian sandwich and wrap platters, we’ve launched a new premium vegetarian sharer platter with a special focus on Quorn snacks. With Quorn nuggets, quorn dippers, vegetable spring rolls and spinach pakoras this veggie platter is the perfect snack to bring food variety to your office meeting. And the homemade sweet chilli dip is a real crowd pleaser!


New Gluten Free Cake Platter

gluten free cakes

Our customers have spoken and they want gluten free! Alongside our individual gluten free lunch (rich mature farmhouse cheddar cheese and sweet tomato chutney sandwich on gluten-free bread, served with kettle chips and a fresh fruit skewer) we offer gluten free dessert. Our new gluten free cake platter includes coffee & walnut cake, delicious red velvet cake with gluten free frosting and two classic muffins: chocolate and blueberry.

New British Meat Sharer

British meat platter

While we’re quite certain meat-eaters will be dipping into the onion bhaji wraps and Quorn snacks, we decided to expand options for our meat lovers too. This highly requested and much loved platter includes crispy tender chicken goujons (with a kick!), mini cocktail sausages, savoury eggs and a selection of pork pies, all served with a generous portion of BBQ dipping sauce. The chicken tenders are officially an OfficeServe office favourite … there may or may have not been a fight over the last nugget.


Now Serving Coconut Water and FireFly Juice

FireFly Juices

To wash it all down we’ve expanded our line of beverages to include a juice range from FireFly and Innocent’s yummy coconut water. Choose from 3 flavours including: kiwi, lime & mint, lemon, lime & ginger or peach & green tea.  

Mix it up at your next meeting and offer your team a variety of wraps, sandwiches, salads, share platters and delicious gluten free treats. And keep the feedback coming — we love to offer a fresh menu that evolves with the needs, wants and desires of your office!

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