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Make Lunch, Not War!

Spot the Miliband (hint: appears at 1m 39secs)?

It's good to see that after his losing his fight with a bacon sandwich, Ed has found gainful employment in food delivery. Maybe OfficeServe should make him an offer?

6 Reasons We’re Getting Our Office Food Delivered
The food should come to you; you shouldn't have to go to the food! Why so?
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Lewis Lovejoy | 1st August 2017
Starving Office Worker, you have come to the right place!
Whether the goal is to keep meeting attendees from straying off premises in search of food, or it is to maximise lunchtime opportunities for face-to-face collaboration, or even if it is to simply enjoy the pleasure of eating together with colleagues, work
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Matthew Humberstone | 1st August 2017