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Make Lunch, Not War!

Spot the Miliband (hint: appears at 1m 39secs)?

It's good to see that after his losing his fight with a bacon sandwich, Ed has found gainful employment in food delivery. Maybe OfficeServe should make him an offer?

food delivery blog
Staff benefits of providing free food onsite
You don't have to to much searching online to find the rising popularity of free food in workplace culture. This trendy perk, often found in start-ups, tech companies, and media organisations, is usually built into operational costs and generally improves
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20th June 2019
food delivery blog
How to organise a summer office party
Make the most of the warm months ahead by planning a summer party for your staff. As the temperatures rise, browse OfficeServe's selection of refreshing dishes - like our Mozzarella & Cherry Tomato Salad sharer or Premium Wrap platter. To prepare for
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7th June 2019