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food delivery blog

Make Lunch, Not War!

Spot the Miliband (hint: appears at 1m 39secs)?

It's good to see that after his losing his fight with a bacon sandwich, Ed has found gainful employment in food delivery. Maybe OfficeServe should make him an offer?

food delivery blog
How to Bring Chinese New Year to the Office
The year of the dog is upon us and if you have any loyal, dependable, courageous colleagues who were born in 1958, 1970, 1982 or 1994 celebrating Chinese New Year is a must. Here's how to bring the holiday spirit to your office. It starts with oranges.  
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Carly Burdova | 31st January 2018
food delivery blog
How to Implement an Employee Training Program your CEO will Love
£30,064 — the astounding cost for replacing an employee, according to an Oxford Economics study. Combine this financial impact with the negative effects a dismissal can have on office morale and employee training programs become all the more attractive.
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Carly Burdova | 26th January 2018