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The London Guide to #National VegetarianWeek

London pulls out all the stops when it comes to #NationalVegetarianWeek, 14 - 20 May 2018. From a dedicated vegetarian #TestKitchen menu at Craft to a plethora of vegetarian specials like Chili non Carne at Wulf and Lamb, London is a vegetarian haven this week. Here’s a rundown of the top restaurants in London to enjoy National Vegetarian Week, along with our favourite vegetarian recipes and veggie office eats available for delivery to your London office.

Eat Out: Best Dishes in London for #NationalVegetarianWeek

OfficeServe is lucky to have offices in central London (hi TOG Albert House!). We are within a stone's throw from top restaurants like Boxpark, Dishoom and Barrio Shoreditch. But this week we’re looking to venture out for the best dishes dedicated to National Vegetarian Week. After scouring recommendations from GQ, Evening Standard, Square Meal and Absolutely London we’ve compiled our eating out agenda for the week.

Tuesday dinner: #TestKitchen Tuesday at Craft

TestKitchen at Craft

The foragers and dreamers at The Craft in South East London are running a weeklong #TestKitchen Tuesday 3 course vegetarian tasting menu (vegan friendly too!). Expect a combination of seasonal bites like asparagus & fennel tartlet and experimental flavours featuring hogweed.

Wednesday lunch: Kimchi Spring Bowl at Farmacy

Kimshi Spring Bowl

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Words to live by at Farmacy. On the top of London must eat dishes for National Vegetarian Week are the Earth Bowls at this Notting Hill favourite.

Thursday dinner: Sweet Potato Curry at Ceremony

Sweet Potato Curry at Ceremony

Ceremony is the buttery, creamy, eggy, boozy friend to a top notch Steak House. They might not serve meat, but you won’t see any dull leaf-only dishes here. Try their sweet-potato curry with coconut cream and biryani rice. It’s a tiny, 30-seat only restaurant so we might have to take shifts at the bar. Worth it!

Friday lunch: Raw Tacos at Wildfood Cafe

yummy raw tacos

This raw-centric, organic cafe offers a wild alchemy of textures and bitter sweet combinations you never thought would work. Dive right into their raw tacos made from dehydrated BBQ courgette, sauekraut, pink radish, avocado and sour cream served in an almond and butternut squash shell. Wow!

Saturday lunch: Spicy Bean “Wulf Burger” at Wulf and Lamb

Vegan Wulf Burger

“Run with the wolves. Eat with the lambs,” at this surprisingly meat-free eatery. Despite the appearance (and name) Wulf and Lamb serves some of the juiciest burgers in town. Their famous plant-based menu includes favourites like “Chili non Carne” with cashew sour cream and Ackee burrito with lychee-like fruit.

Sunday brunch: Full English Breakfast at The Gate (Marylebone)

Vegetarian Full English Breakfast at The Gate

Finish off National Vegetarian Week in style with a traditional Full English Breakfast veggie style. Featuring mushroom & bean sausage, hash brown, aubergine bacon, homemade baked beans, wild mushrooms, roasted tomato, toast and scrambled tofu or eggs.

Stay In: Top Recipes for #NationalVegetarianWeek

We’ve been experimenting with some beautiful new sharing salads here at OfficeServe (available for delivery to your office soon!), but this week we really want to focus on the variety available in a vegetarian diet. It’s not all just about greens. There’s a world of flavour in betwen.

Asparagus Manicotti

Asparagus Manicottie Recipe

‘Tis the season for asparagus everything. Restaurant menus are flooded with asparagus soups and pastas around April, with good reason. Eating seasonably can be incredibly rewarding and fun. Bring the star of the season home with this creamy oven-baked asparagus manicotti recipe by Taste Made.

Pulled Oumph! Tacos

Pulled Oumph Taco Recipe

Avocado cream and sriracha mayo are what take these tacos to the next level. Super simple to make with “pulled Oumph!” a plant-based, soya bean frozen foods brand that recently made its way from Norway into supermarkets across the UK.

Vegetarian Sausage Mushroom Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

Hearty food in the heart of summer, but light enough to make this oven-bake totally called for in the middle of May. Try Everyday Healthy Recipes’ take on a British classic — the meat pie.

Greek Spinach and Feta Filo

Greek Feta Filo

Greek cuisine undoubtedly delivers when it comes to lamb, but head to the mediterranean paradise and you’ll be served endless fresh dishes focused on olives, fish, feta, tomatoes and honey. Try this Greek favourite from Scrummy Lane. Helen a self proclaimed spinach and feta lover, so we trust her on this one.

Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs

Meatless Swedish Meatballs

Last but not least the formerly Swedish, turned Turkish, “Swedish Meatball” dish minus the meat. Pinch of yum does a lovely take on this gravy-centric dish, replacing ground beef with wild rice, breadcrumbs and mushroom balls.  

Order online at work: OfficeServe favorites

If you can’t make it out of the office for every day of #NationalVegetarianWeek, OfficeServe has you covered. Order a selection of tasty, fresh, made-to-order vegetarian options from OfficeServe, all available online for next day delivery to your office. Choose from our selection of sandwich platters, sharing platters, salads and desserts that will help you bring #NationalVegetarianWeek into your office.

From our London office to yours, we hope you and your colleagues enjoy a healthy and happy #NationalVegetarianWeek. 

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