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How Your London Office Eats, According to Data

You’re a Londoner. You ride the tube (sometimes without trousers), you give disapproving side eye to slow walkers on Oxford street at your lunch hour, and you work in an office. Oh, office life — an inescapable part of a Londoners existence and even a predictor of what you eat, according to our data.

If you work in Westminster your sweet tooth is under constant temptation, West Enders had it easier to stay true to Veganuary, and City workers are no stranger to the early rise breakfast meeting. You are what your office eats.

OfficeServe crunched the numbers on over 10,000 food platters ordered across thousands of unique deliveries to London offices to reveal popular trends in the capital's hottest working districts, including Shoreditch, West End, City of London, Docklands and Westminster.

Here’s what your office eats, according to the numbers.

Westminster offices show sweet tooth, forget vegans

Westminster offices (SW1 postcode) ordered 28% more desserts and 66% less vegan food for office meetings in 2018 than West End, City, Docklands and Shoreditch offices. 22.27% of all food platters delivered to offices in the SW1 postcode were desserts or indulgent snack platters compared to only 16% average for other districts.

West End showed the most restraint when it comes to sugar cravings at work, with only 11.2% of all orders being dessert related.

Westminster is also making it tough for vegans at work. Only 1.34% of all food platters ordered were vegan, compared to nearly 5% in West End and an astonishing 9.52% in Docklands. Good on you, Docklands! Saving our planet one vegan food platter at a time. In fact, the most ordered food platter for Docklands was a vegan baguette and sandwich platter.

West End offices are healthier than others

If you work in the West End, congrats, you’re thriving on greens.

West End offices (W1, W2, WC postcodes) ate 50% more salads and 31% less sweets than other offices around London. Nearly a quarter of all food platters delivered to West End offices were salads, whereas City offices only ordered salads 9% of the time. Sorry, bankers, you’ll have to get those greens elsewhere.

City is obsessed with breakfast meetings

Some say they capture our minds at their best moments, others (me) say meetings before 9am should be illegal. If you work in the City of London you may not have a choice. City workers are 3 times as likely to have breakfast meetings as ones in the more media and creative oriented West End. Over 4% of all food platters delivered to City (EC1A, EC3, EC4 postcodes) were breakfast platters compared to only 1.42% in West End.

Each district uniquely reflects an office culture based on job types; Shoredtich, home to tech startups and trendy work spaces, West End to creative agencies and media, City to lawyers and investment firms, Docklands to bankers and Westminster to government employees.

Leaving those lucky freelancers and home office types behind, most of us live and breathe office life on the regular. The impact of office culture on our health and state of mind is real. How could 8-10 hours, 5 days a week NOT have an impact on the very essence of our being?

OK, I got a bit dramatic there.

But in all honesty, office life shapes the way we experience the world and, importantly, what we eat.

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