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How to Support the Office for Veganuary

Call it Veganuary, No Meat January or just a New Year's resolution, the UK is ditching meat this month — and for some, keeping it off their plates for good. It’s a food trend that not only promotes good physical health, but according to new research, may be the best thing you can do for the planet in 2019.

Keeping true to one’s personal health promises can easily go out the window once social pressures set in. Dinner party here, catered office meeting there, quick skip down to the local chippy for lunch and dieting goals become a social burden.

Given the right environment of support, such as a healthy eating culture at work, health conscious friends and colleagues, flavourful food alternatives at the grocery store, No Meat January can become the easiest New Year’s resolution of them all!

As an office admin, PA or EA, you’re in charge of what gets served at office meetings and, therefore, can have a huge impact on the success of your team’s food goals this month. Whether it’s one person trying to go meat free or an entire team committed to healthier food choices, be a beacon of hope, not a temptress with bacon!

Here are 4 simple ways to support your office this month for No Meat January.

Always Provide Vegetarian and Vegan Options at Meetings

The easiest and most important way to support your office with their healthy eating goals is to provide healthy food at office meetings. This doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour or going entirely meat free. It means giving people choices and ensuring those who wish to avoid meat and dairy can do so and not feel isolated from team events.

In addition to providing a traditional sandwich platter with the all the classic fixings — tuna & cucumber, egg mayo, smoked ham with Dijon mustard — offer meat free and dairy free options. Vegetarian and vegan sandwich fillings like avocado, houmous, falafel and roasted vegetables make a great healthy alternative for everyone to enjoy.

Just look at this Linda McCartney Hoisin Duck Salad. 100% vegan, 100% delicious and available for delivery directly to your office door. 

Normalize Healthy Eating Habits

The UK is doing a fantastic job to normalize healthy eating and meat free diets. Last year for No Meat January, more than a quarter of all dinners in the UK had no meat or fish. Bring this nationwide inspiration closer to home by making this part of the conversation around the office. Inform team members about restaurants in the area with vegan or vegetarian lunch options.

Understand Dietary Needs

Knowing the dietary preferences of your team is essential. Especially for regular meetings with the same list of attendees. There’s no need for halal eaters and those with gluten intolerance to consistently be ignored when it comes to catered office meetings.

Keep a record of staff dietary needs, allergies and preferences to make ordering food online easy. When in doubt, replace a few “meat eating” headcounts with “vegetarian or vegan” headcounts to ensure everyone is covered. Meat eaters won’t be bothered if they have to “suffer” through an amazing avocado sandwich.

Be Proud of the Food you Serve

Order food from vendors you trust and be proud to serve food at meetings. Let employees know where catered food comes from and provide information about supplier relations. Trusting in the food quality and knowing the source of food (and that it comes from a local vendor) can give employees confidence that they’re being well looked after.

Do you need help in supporting your team for Veganuary? Let OfficeServe guide you to the right choices for catered office meetings this month. From duck salads that are unbelievably meat and dairy free to quinoa and beet root burgers that pack a punch, OfficeServe is proud to provide plenty of options for meat free meetings this year.

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