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How to organise a summer office party

Make the most of the warm months ahead by planning a summer party for your staff. As the temperatures rise, browse OfficeServe's selection of refreshing dishes - like our Mozzarella & Cherry Tomato Salad sharer or Premium Wrap platter. To prepare for a relaxing event, check out our menu, and read on for party planning tips.

Summer party venues

Going with an offsite location is always a good idea, as it'll help take everyone's mind away from work. When considering venues to host a summer office party, you can go as simple or over the top as you feel fit. If working in London, there's unique spaces like City Summer House, upscale hotel rooftops, and private terraces - to name a few. Other cities across the UK also offer similar settings. There's also more DIY approaches like organising a gathering in a local park. Whatever you decide, your staff will appreciate leaving the office for delicious food.

As a reminder, OfficeServe's next day delivery (when ordered by 3PM), will go to nearly any location in and around London and the South East (check your postcode online).

Post-event tips

OfficeServe makes party clean up easy! All our platters are 100% recyclable and ideal for storing leftovers. If you end up with excess food, and are unsure what to do - check our post on minimising food waste. We're here to make sure serving and handling fresh, restaurant-quality food is as simple as possible.

Make most of the summer weather

The best part about summer is you don't need a special occasion to organise a party for your staff. You can even host multiple outdoor lunches throughout the season. With various solutions for nearly every budget, you don't have to go over the top for everyone to have a good time - so long as there's enough food provided. Browse OfficeServe's menu today to prepare for an upcoming office summer party and other staff-related events all year long. 

food delivery blog
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