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How to Bring National Picnic Week 2018 to the Office

It sounds like an oxymoron, a bad one — a picnic inside the office? One might choose meat pies over Scotch eggs, or prefer Pimms to a gin ‘n’ tonic, but the location of a picnic most definitely must be outside! Sunscreen and bug spray at the ready, a quintessential British picnic musters up images of red checkered blankets, hamper full of homemade delicacies; jams, cheese sandwiches, Eton Mess, and undoubtedly top, bottom and quarterly hour weather checks to make sure the sun stays put.

15-24th June 2018 is officially National Picnic Week in the UK, which thoughtfully includes 2 weekends. But what about those 5 days in between when we’re all cramped up in office life? Here’s how you can make the most of the entire week, rain or shine, inside or outside, on or off the clock.

Tuck into fruit salad and French brie

cheese board

Office fruit deliveries are popular in the winter months. A tricky ploy to keep our vitamin C doses up through the vulnerable cold season so we come to work healthy. We’re on to you, Human Resources! But come April the oranges disappear, the bananas taper off and a seasonal berry can’t be found. Bring fruit back into office life for National Picnic Week. Order a fruit platter and pair it with a selection of creamy French Brie, Farmhouse mature cheddar, deliciously crumbly Red Leicester or a characteristically strong blue Stilton. You might even lay out a picnic blanket on the office table to make it feel a bit more summery. 
Order an indulgent cheese board for the office.

Play a quick round of frisbee on break

Define the danger zone and try not to take off anyone’s head! This admittedly won’t be a favourite of all passerbys … unless you get them involved. London and its surroundings are dotted in green space with a patch of grass around most office corners. In fact, London is the UK’s 5th greenest city with 23% of the Greater London area covered in green. The top green city in the UK goes to Edinburgh, with a whopping 49.2% of green space!  

So bring out the frisbee, football or rackets to play a quick, light round of something to get your heartbeat up and enjoy the (hopefully) present sunshine. Find green space in London near you.

Go for a jug of Pimm's after work

Pimms o'clock

Declare it Pimm’s o’clock a touch early one day this week and head to an outdoor venue with colleagues. After all, it’s the most flexible hour of the day and one that deserves an early start for National Picnic Week. Fill your jug with flavoured sparkling water, cucumber slices, mint leaves and a bit of lemon verbena throughout the day to prep for the fun. These mocktails will make a fun joke around the office and get everyone ready for when Pimm’s o’clock truly strikes. Top prettiest pubs in London for Pimm’s.

Share a British Meat Platter at a meeting

British Meat sharer

Finger food is the classic highlight of any proper British picnic. Unlike our Aussie, South African or American friends who put on a braai or BBQ, Brits do picnics in more of a turn of the century fashion. Rather than fuss with fires, equipment and designating a half sober grill master, a British picnic is focused on style, comfort and a hamper so well prepped and packed you won’t be missing the hot food.

Order our mighty meaty sharing platter for delivery to an office meeting this week. It’s perfect for bite sized meat lovers and reminiscent of a perfectly packed picnic basket. It’s one of our most highly requested platters packed with crispy yet tender chicken goujons, selection of mini cocktail sausages, savoury eggs and a selection of pork pies, all served with BBQ dipping sauce. Order pork pies and sausage rolls for deliver to the office.

Eat cake!

Cake platter

And finally, let them eat cake! National Picnic Week could also be called Cake, Cake, More Cake Week because no picnic is complete without an overdose of Victoria Sponge or a tart Lemon Drizzle. This might be the easiest way to lighten the workday mood and celebrate National Picnic Week inside the office. Imagine — cake bites delivered straight to your office door, frosted to perfection and ready to make your indoor office picnic a success.

Choose from our selection of classic British cake bites, tray bakes and mini muffins. We even offer a gluten free cake platter for those with dietary restrictions at your office. Our cake platters include a mouthwatering selection of chocolate fudge cake, cream coffee & walnut cake, smooth red velvet cake with perfect cream cheese frosting and fresh coconut & raspberry slices. Magically make cake bites appear on your desk.

Order your Office Picnic Online for Delivery

And of course, how could you forget the cheese sandwiches? OfficeServe has everything you need to bring National Picnic Week to work. Plus, it’s hassle free. Browse our selection of picnic ready sandwich platters, bagels, veggie platters, meaty finger foods and cake, tell us when and where to deliver, and we'll sort the rest. Leave the Monday to Friday office picnic to us, and we’ll see you in the park at the weekend for a proper outdoor feast!

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