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Food & Packaging FAQs

How can I find allergen information & ingredients?
Information on allergens and ingredients can be found online against each product. As you browse the categories or menu online. Click on each product to see more information and use the tabs to see the list of ingredients and separately a list of the allergens contained in the platter.

What labelling information will there be on the packaging?
The food we supply in platters will have labels to display the name of the product and the allergens contained. We recommend that these labels are always checked before serving.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
We cater for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten-free diets, Dairy-free diets and also have Halal suitable options listed on our site. You can find these options on our special dietary section and by looking at the ingredients and allergens listed. You can also use the filters on our site to looks for suitable options within different parts of our menu.

Where are these filtering options on the site?
You can find and make use of the filtering options on our site by selecting the drop down at the top right. Use the sorting and check boxes to select the options right for you.

How fresh is the food you supply?
Our food is made fresh for every delivery, we recommend the food is consumed that day so our customers have the best experience. The food will remain fresh out of the fridge for up to 4 hours within the platter.

Do you have any snacks and drinks?
We supply snacks, sides and sharing items on our Sharing Platters page if you're looking for savoury side dishes (although they also made fine main dishes for fewer people). Some people also choose to have a few salads as side salads for larger groups. We also have a range of cheese and fruit available too. Soft drinks, fruit juices and water is also available on our drinks page.

How will my order be delivered?
We will deliver your order within a two-hour window of your choosing; our deliveries are done via our fleet of climate controlled vans. Our sandwiches, cakes, salads and sharing platters are delivered in ready to serve platters, sealed for freshness. These will keep your food fresh for up to four hours out of the fridge before you wish to serve them.

What are the recycling properties of the products?
All our packaging is 100% recyclable, so if you order with the environment in mind there is zero plastic waste. We supply eco-friendly cutlery, plates and napkins too. At OfficeServe we have no time for food waste and are committed to reducing this as much as possible whilst maintaining a varied and fresh product range for our customers. However, if food cannot be sold before it reaches its expiry date, we offer it to local charities and community groups who help feed people in need.

Why don’t you use biodegradable packaging made from bamboo or palm leaves?
In many cases when we’ve looked at more trendy options for our packaging space such as palm leaf and bamboo options, they often haven’t been up to the task of keeping the food fresh and been imported across long distances ending up with a sizable carbon footprint. We’re committed to finding non plastic options that don’t compromise on freshness (impacting on food waste) and can be multi-use. If you choose our eco-friendly options and recycle you can use our service with as little environmental impact as possible!

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