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How to Make Office Vegans Happy at Work

Spoiler alert — it’s super simple. Give them vegan food. From vegan sandwich platters stuffed with houmous & roasted veggies to vegan duck lettuce boats packed with flavourthere’s no reason to skip vegan options at the office. Food at work is commonplace. Office birthday celebrations, catered team events, breakfast sessions, work-perks and client meetings often revolve around food. Don’t forget office vegans!  

According to a recent survey, 3.5 million Brits now identify as vegan. 
That’s 7% of the population! Veganism is no longer a niche diet of a few, but a food revolution of the many. "Vegan” officially overtook “vegetarian” this year in terms of Google search volume. Veganism deserves attention, respect, and a damn good quinoa burger! Here are 3 easy ways to make vegans at your office happy. 

View veganism as a need 

“Being vegan is a choice, so I don’t need to support it” — get rid of this mindset. View it as a need, almost as a right. Sure, most vegans choose to be vegan for a variety of reasons; lifestyle, health, environment, animal cruelty. For others, diary allergies or other lactose limitations make veganism a required part of life. Either way, vegans are part of your workforce and deserve every opportunity to take part in (and enjoy) food events at work. 

Order food for all dietary types 

Vegans aren’t the only ones with dietary needs. 
Vegetarians, those who observe halal guidelines and those with a gluten intolerance should all be considered when it comes to workplace food rituals. Consider it as an equal opportunity to food. You wouldn’t discriminate against people based on their dietary preference during the hiring process. Don’t apply food discrimination once they’re hired. By providing food that every employee can enjoy at the office will make those with more sensitive dietary requirements feel welcomed.

More vegan more often (for everyone) 

The best part about vegan food? Meat eaters and vegetarians can enjoy it too! Vegan food has come a long way, shattering the misconception of a flavourless diet. Succulent hoisin duck is vegan. Creamy houmous is vegan. Even burger patties are vegan (try our tasty beetroot and quinoa burger patties). Meat and dairy reduction at work is a positive thing that some of the world’s largest companies are taking on (hi, Google). Consider offering more vegan food more of the time to all team members.  

Want help getting started going vegan at your office? Get in touch with our team of food lovers to help plan your next vegan friendly office lunch or checkout our vegan-friendly menu here.

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