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Halloween party food with OfficeServe

With the cool autumn breeze blowing in, it’s nearly time to break out the Halloween party food and host a fun, festive staff lunch. Luckily OfficeServe has everything you need – from our snack platters to cakes and tray bakes. You could even add an indulgent cheeseboard or fruit platter to create a well-balanced snack offering. All you need to do is provide the decorations, we’ll come directly to your office at a convenient time – remember to order before 3PM for next day delivery!

Add a sandwich, wrap, or salad for a complete lunch

Just because Halloween calls for sweets doesn’t mean you can’t provide fresh and delicious sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Prepared on the same day as delivery, start the party off with our made to order lunch items. Since our sandwiches and wraps are pre-portioned, they’re perfect for snacking. With an array of colours and flavours, OfficeServe’s salads make for an excellent dish before diving into Halloween treats. Arriving in climate-controlled vans, our food is as fresh as possible.

Clearly labelled with allergen and nutrional information

Adhering to BRC and SALSA standards, all our food is of the highest quality and meets strict food labelling guidelines. If concerned about a staff member’s food allergy needs, you’ll find all relevant information on our website before ordering. In addition, OfficeServe’s highly trained, friendly customer support team is here to answer any questions you may have. We’re here to make sure the food you serve is a huge success for everyone invited to the party.

Platters made for sharing

Don't forget to make the most of our Crunchy Gastro Bites platter which is currently on promotion as our platter of the month. These snacks are perfect for grazing on with a fresh sandwich or sweet treat!

Where to find whole grains in our menu
If searching for whole grains while browsing through OfficeServe's extensive menu, look no further than our salads.
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 | 9th August 2019
OfficeServe’s classic French dishes
<span>When ordering food for your staff, why not treat them to typical French dishes like our Tuna Ni&ccedil;oise Salad, and mini Sundried Tomato &amp; Mushroom Quiche and Quiche Lorraine.</span>
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 | 1st August 2019