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Office Food Delivery — On Demand vs Advanced Order

Food on demand (Deliveroo). TV on demand (Netflix). Rides on demand (Uber). Romance on demand (Tinder). Ice cream on demand (Häagen-Dazs is testing out areas of London). Completely random things you don’t really need on demand, on demand (Amazon Prime). Modern life is full of on demand opportunities. Think of something you need, want or desire and there‘s an app or company out there ready to comply with and encourage your 2am whims. But what about strategic thinking, planning ahead and the benefit of having things in order well before crunch time?

When it comes to ordering food for the office there are two approaches: order food on demand or order food in advance. Last minute convenience may be king when it comes to personal life, but professional life requires a balanced approach to the realities of controlled chaos and strategic planning.

Admins are expected to be 3 paces ahead of the executives they support and 5 steps ahead office needs. While many admin achievements come off as pure wizardry, the doings of an all-knowing, all-seeing office deity, they are really the results of a disciplined person who knows the value of planning ahead. Food on demand and food ordered in advance have their time, place, pros and cons when it comes to providing food for the office. Speed may trump quality if there’s a rush, while reliability may outweigh variety for important client meetings.

When to order food on demand for the office:

Rainy day lunch: lunch time is a nice opportunity to physically leave the building, clear your head space and return to work fresh and ready to complete the day. However, sometimes weather or overcommitment can keep you tied to your desk. Rally your colleagues and place a group order for delivery directly to the office. Food delivered on demand can be the perfect moral boost for a stressed out team who are working late or overtime.

When nothing’s on the line: the greatest benefits of ordering food on demand for delivery to the office are convenience and choice. The greatest risks, however, are accountability and quality. Food on demand companies like Deliveroo and Just Eat are simply the middle men between the customer and the restaurant. If something goes wrong, it’s a game of finger pointing. Avoid ordering food on demand for important client meetings, large group meetings and any event where food is essential to the gathering as opposed to a random perk. 

When only sushi will do: food on demand can satisfy those immediate cravings. Will sushi loosen up that writers block? Is a chicken caesar salad the only thing that will get you through the end of the day? Chances are, there's a restaurant willing to deliver exactly what you're craving.

When to order food in advance for delivery to the office:

Planned meetings: PAs are trained to expect the unexpected and steer things in the right direction when things go awry. The lesson? Plan what you can in advance to free up time for the unexpected. Ordering food in advance is one of those easy things to tick off the to do list. Confirm the meeting head count, check dietary prefernces, order food online and select a delivery date and time. Then get on with more important things. 

To impress clients: food impresses. Just having it as an option can make a lasting impression. Whether it’s a snack platter of chocolate raisins and bite sized cakes served with coffee, or a fully catered meal, food is a great way to impress office guests. Be sure to order a variety of options that account for dietary preferences. A vegan or vegetarian platter or salad can serve anyone, while a meat only lunch may be problematic.  

Big head count: feeding a large group of people can be stressful and individual orders are not feasible. Order catering in advance for meetings with higher headcounts. This will make food part of the meeting, rather than a distraction from the meeting. Sandwich and snack platters are perfect for meetings where there are more than 10 attendees. 

Need help planning food for a meeting? OfficeServe delivers food to offices, business, schools and corporations 7 days a week. Order online in advance and let us take care of the rest.

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