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Food Delivered to Over 3,000 Office Meetings

OfficeServe has reached another milestone in office food delivery — 3,000 meetings served! That number is just the garnishing on the sandwich, because 3,000 catered meetings means tens of thousands of sandwiches eaten, hundreds of thousands of bright ideas generated and an entire community of office workers fed. Here’s to the next 3,000 working lunches, team breakfasts and brainstorming sessions catered by OfficeServe.  

We make ordering food online for meetings simple. Next day delivery available 7 days a week and a strategic focus on serving the specific needs of the workplace, OfficeServe has quickly become the catering solution for many offices, schools, non-profits and businesses in and around London. Read our case study to learn how we support client meetings at a diverse London Law Firm.

The modern office has come a long way. From significant changes in the way administrative roles are perceived to a complete overhaul of office technology, the workplace of the 21st century has specific demands. While online food delivery and on-demand services have become ubiquitous in our personal lives, OfficeServe offers something more tailored for our audience of office admins and executive assistants: food delivery adapted to the needs of an office.

Easy online ordering: our website is user-friendly, straightforward and offers customers a simple online ordering experience. Choose from a selection of food platters including sandwiches, snacks, bagels and fruit, tell us when and where to deliver, and select a payment method to match your accounting preference.

Amazing customer service: we know that customer service doesn’t end with a smooth website experience, or that all customers want to order online. That's why OfficeServe is available on live chat, phone or email and we ensure your order is delivered on time, every time, or your money back. Read our customer reviews here.

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Special dietary requirements: ordering food to satisfy a diverse range of dietary needs, particularly for large meetings with 30 – 50 attendees, is challenging. We alleviate this problem by offering food platters for many types of diets including vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten-free. All food platters are clearly labeled for easy display at the meeting.

Reliable quality standards: we are proud to prepare the food we serve in our very own SALSA and BRC food safety accredited kitchens. Our customers count on our dependable quality, range of delicious food, and attention to food safety and allergens. From the moment an order is placed, to the food preparation and delivery, OfficeServe is accountable for the entire experience.  

Easy corporate invoicing: ordering food for the office is different than ordering for your personal lunch. We let you select the best payment plan to suite the accounting preferences of your organisation. Pay on the spot by credit card or opt for convenient corporate invoicing to be paid at a later date.

Advanced planning: next day delivery is offered as a convenience for last minute meetings, but equally so, the comfort of planning ahead is available to our customers. Whether a meeting is days weeks or months ahead, OfficeServe is here to help you plan and adjust your advanced order as needed.

OfficeServe has come a long way since our re-launch in April 2017. We’d like to thank our customers, partners and team who have supported us on our journey to becoming one of the UK’s most trusted office catering companies.

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