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Eating October: How to Handle a Month of Food Holidays

Pumpkin Spice Latte Day, National Mouldy Cheese Day, British Sausage Week. Really? Can there really be so many national food days? Pass it off as silly marketing or call it the genuine efforts of the British Cheese Board to keep Stilton blue at the top of mind (um, no help needed there), but we’ll keep calling it our half-baked to-eat list.

We might be put into a cake/cocktail/coffee induced comma (yep, National Cake Week, London Cocktail Week and International Coffee Day all kick off Monday 1 October) but we’re up for the challenge. Here’s how a food holiday foodie makes the most out of food days this autumn.

Now, let’s be strategic. We don’t want to be found slumped in our office chair, surrounded by cake crumbs and empty take away boxes, but we do want to eat our way through October with pleasure. Food holidays are more fun if you set a goal beyond gorging. Build your to-eat-list around supporting local industries, going city specific, finding the best deals and trying something new.

Support Local Industries

Food holidays present an opportunity to connect with your community and support local (big or small) businesses. Hug a Sheep Day (for the love of wool not meat) on 28 October can bring you closer to local farmers. Head beyond the city boarders and find a furry friend to hug. Get closer to your food sources and learn how to support your local farmers. Chocolate Cupcake Day on 18 October is an easy one to celebrate. Pop down to your local bakery for a treat. October is a particularly great month to support UK industries and British cuisine with a new food theme popping up every week.

    1.    3 October: Buy British Day

  1.    22 Sept – 7 Oct: British Food Fortnight (#BritishFoodIsGreat / #LoveBritishFood)
  2.    8 – 14 October: British Egg Week, “don’t get hangry, get cracking” (#BritishEggWeek)

  3.    29 Oct – 4 Nov: British Sausage Week (#BritishSausageWeek)

Support your City

If ‘cocktails’ count as a food group, which we’re willing to hear arguments on, London gets a few bonus food weeks to tackle in October. London Cocktail Week (1-7 October) will refine our elderflower palate and turn London into a stage for the world’s top bartenders. From bar takeovers to pop-up structures with temporary themed spaces, #LCW18 is fun way to find a new watering hole with colleagues.

London Restaurant Festival (1-31 October) celebrates the vibrancy and flavour of cuisine across the city. Restaurant Hopping Tours, edible art and food-paired film screenings (think sushi paired with ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’) are just a few things to look forward to.

Regardless of your location to the capital, we’ll all be celebrating National Curry Week (22 – 28 October). While Glasgow currently holds the title of ‘Britain's Curry Capital 2017’, Bradford held the title for an astonishing 6 years in a row! Even if you’re city doesn’t hold a claim to curry fame, we’re sure you’ve got a local restaurant to support in October for National Curry Week.

Find out what’s happening in your city or region by reaching out to your tourism board. All of the UK’s larger cities, and many smaller towns, are active on Twitter. Food holidays and food festivals are a fun way to meet the neighbors, support local businesses and taste your city’s cuisine.

Visit Manchester: @visit_mcr
This is Edinburgh: @edinburgh
Visit Burmingham: @visit_bham
Visit Bristol: @VisitBristol
Visit Liverpool: @VisitLiverpool

Excuse for a Deal

Companies love to jump on board for food holidays, often offering freebies and great deals to attract new customers. Begin the hunt on 1 October for #internationalcoffeeday. There will be plenty of coffee houses offering free samples and tasty cakes. We even found a free coffee making course at a London pop-up café.

Try Something New

The final, and perhaps most convincing, reason to celebrate food holidays is to try something new. I’m sure we’ve all dug into a curry and had our fair share of chocolate, but food holidays give us reason to gather with friends and indulge. Without further adieu, here’s our to-eat list for October:

Join us on Twitter and tell us (or show us) how you celebrate national food holidays. Stuck in the office all day on Mouldy Cheese Day? Too cold to go for afternoon cakes? That's OK, we deliver to your office. Stay put and we'll bring the food to you.

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