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Halloween party food with OfficeServe
<span>With the cool autumn breeze blowing in, it&rsquo;s nearly time to break out the Halloween party food.&nbsp;</span>
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 | 14th October 2019
How to address food allergy concerns
When ordering breakfast, lunch, snacks, or cakes for staff and clients, it&rsquo;s important to acknowledge food allergy and dietary needs. As part of OfficeServe&rsquo;s easy online interface, we list all ingredients for each platter or dish.
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 | 22nd July 2019
How to organise a summer office party
Make the most of the warm months ahead by planning a summer party for your staff. As the temperatures rise, browse OfficeServe's selection of refreshing dishes - like our Mozzarella &amp; Cherry Tomato Salad sharer or Premium Wrap platter. To prepare for
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 | 7th June 2019
How to Bring Chinese New Year to the Office
The year of the dog is upon us and if you have any loyal, dependable, courageous colleagues who were born in 1958, 1970, 1982 or 1994 celebrating Chinese New Year is a must. Here's how to bring the holiday spirit to your office. It starts with oranges.  
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Carly Burdova | 31st January 2018
How to create the perfect lunch and learn
When implementing a lunch and learn session into your workplace, it's important to find the right balance between a highly engaging topic and appealing food.
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 | 10th May 2019
Pulling Off the Perfect Business Breakfast Meeting
Morning routines are sacred to some, monotounus to others. Break it up the right way with a breakfast meeting that works for your office. After all, not everyone likes their eggs the same way.
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Carly Burdova | 6th February 2019
OfficeServe Invests £1M to Bring Fresh Food to London Offices
2018 was a big year for OfficeServe. We doubled our menu offering, doubled our team size, increased orders by 300% and delivered freshly made sandwich platters to hungry offices across London.
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 | 27th December 2018
How to Make Office Vegans Happy at Work
Spoiler alert — it’s super simple. Give them vegan food. Here are 3 easy ways to make the vegans at your office happy.
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Carly Burdova | 14th November 2018
Office Food Delivery — On Demand vs Advanced Order
Food on demand (Deliveroo). Rides on demand (Uber). Romance on demand (Tinder). Completely random things you don’t really need on demand, on demand (Amazon Prime). What about the benefit of having things in order well before crunch time?
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Carly Burdova | 8th October 2018
Back to Work: 5 Tips to Organise the Office
No matter how many years it's been since you fretted over the fasion implications of your pencil case, September will always be back to school month. Now, it's back to the office. Here's how to get organised and stay organised at the office.
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Carly Burdova | 3rd September 2018
How to Bring National Picnic Week 2018 to the Office
It sounds like an oxymoron, a bad one — a picnic <em>inside</em> the office? National Picnic Week is 2018 is 15-24 June and we plan to celebrate rain or shine, inside or outside, on and off the clock. Here's how to do it.
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Carly Burdova | 13th June 2018
One Year in Business, One Thousand Meetings Served!
Serendipitous timing spells magic. On 7 April 2017 we opened our virtual doors and delivered our first sandwich platter to a hungry London office. One year later, we've delivered food to over 1,000 meetings!
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Carly Burdova | 9th April 2018
How the PA, EA and Office Manager Changed
Miss Moneypenny never had a first name (not until 2012). She was the office babe who diligently sacrificed her life for the greater needs of the agency. She was your mum's secretary; the nameless Miss of the 1960s, expected to settle for mediocrity.
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Carly Burdova | 5th March 2018
The Scientific Benefits of Office Love
The taboo of office love is a thing of the past. Science says so, Millenial work trends say so, and if your heart says so too, it must be true! We dive head first into the scientific benefits of love in the workplace.
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Carly Burdova | 12th February 2018
22 Sandwiches Londoners Must Eat
Sandwiches in London are as ubiquitous as black cabs, excessive pleasantries and the weather. But not all sarnies are created equal and we found the 22 sandwiches in London that are in urgent need of eating!  
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Carly Burdova | 17th January 2018
Starving Office Worker, you have come to the right place!
Whether the goal is to keep meeting attendees from straying off premises in search of food, or it is to maximise lunchtime opportunities for face-to-face collaboration, or even if it is to simply enjoy the pleasure of eating together with colleagues, work
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Matthew Humberstone | 1st August 2017
Where to find whole grains in our menu
If searching for whole grains while browsing through OfficeServe's extensive menu, look no further than our salads.
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 | 9th August 2019
Houmous? Or Hummus?
What is it? And who makes it best?
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Amie Harbron | 4th September 2017
How to handle post event food waste
It's common to have excess food after a meeting, conference, event, lunch and learn, or other office activity. Since food waste is a growing concern in the UK, we're here to help reduce what may end up in the bin.
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 | 24th May 2019
June Platter of the Month — Premium Vegetarian Sharer
We’re excited to announce our new and improved Premium Vegetarian Sharer as June's Platter of the Month. See what's new and order this popular sharing platter for only £24.95.
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Carly Burdova | 6th June 2018
Ordering Food for Offices with Allergies
Imagine feeling anxious at every catered office meeting, unsure which food platter is hiding a health hazard. Learn how to support the food allergies in the workplace and create a safe eating environment for everyone.
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Carly Burdova | 19th March 2019
How Your London Office Eats, According to Data
If you work in Westminster your sweet tooth is under constant temptation, West Enders had it easier to stay true to Veganuary, and City workers are no stranger to the early rise breakfast meeting. This is how your London office eats.
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Carly Burdova | 30th January 2019
5 Things Every Office Deserves at Christmas
Christmas at the office can be approached in one of two ways; with joyful embrace or grinch-like scorn. If you have these 5 things at your office, the former stance is easier to swallow.
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Carly Burdova | 12th December 2018
Food Delivered to Over 3,000 Office Meetings
OfficeServe has reached another milestone in office food delivery — 3,000 meetings served! That's tens of thousands of sandwiches eaten, hundreds of thousands of bright ideas generated and an entire community of office workers fed.
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Carly Burdova | 24th October 2018
Eating October: How to Handle a Month of Food Holidays
Pumpkin Spice Latte Day, National Mouldy Cheese Day, British Sausage Week. Really? Can there really be so many national food days? Here’s how a food holiday foodie makes the most out of food days this autumn.
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Carly Burdova | 27th September 2018
Marks & Spencer Closes Lunch to You Office Delivery Service
Marks &amp; Spencer has officially shut down their Lunch to You office delivery service, bringing an end to an easy office meeting catered by M&amp;S. Their replacement service, "Food to Order" is narrowly focused on online ordering, lacking the critical
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Andy Trinder | 2nd July 2018
How a Lifelong Secretary Amassed Millions by Paying Attention
As gatekeepers and confidants to powerful executives PAs, EAs and Office Admins have unique, unfiltered access to the brightest minds in business. The question is, are you paying attention?
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Carly Burdova | 9th May 2018
Sandwich Ideas for Gourmet Office Meetings
Sandwiches follow us through life. From the day mum or dad let you host a playdate and served you cheese sandwiches, to the present when a sandwich platter delivered to the office answers all office admin's prayers, the humble sarnie is your companion!
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Carly Burdova | 27th March 2018
The Rise of the Breakfast Meeting
Breakfast meetings are a shock to the system for some, a saving grace to others. OfficeServe is part of what makes breakfast meetings work — we're the ones with the food! Here's how to succeed at meeting early in the morning.
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Carly Burdova | 28th February 2018
How to Implement an Employee Training Program your CEO will Love
£30,064 — the astounding cost for replacing an employee, according to an Oxford Economics study. Combine this financial impact with the negative effects a dismissal can have on office morale and employee training programs become all the more attractive.
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Carly Burdova | 26th January 2018
5 New Year’s Resolutions Every PA Should Actually Keep
The first of January rears its head to a sudden surge in gym memberships, drop in sugary foods and a collective mantra of ‘new me’. While the encouragement of a new year is promising, be m
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Carly Burdova | 1st August 2017
OfficeServe’s classic French dishes
<span>When ordering food for your staff, why not treat them to typical French dishes like our Tuna Ni&ccedil;oise Salad, and mini Sundried Tomato &amp; Mushroom Quiche and Quiche Lorraine.</span>
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 | 1st August 2019
Staff benefits of providing free food onsite
You don't have to to much searching online to find the rising popularity of free food in workplace culture. This trendy perk, often found in start-ups, tech companies, and media organisations, is usually built into operational costs and generally improves
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 | 20th June 2019
Office lunch ideas in London
If seeking fresh, healthy options make sure to check out OfficeServe&rsquo;s selection of sandwich platters, salads, and vegetarian, vegan, and snack sharers for lunch ideas. When arranging food for your next office meeting, event, or other staff function
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 | 7th May 2019
The London Guide to #National VegetarianWeek
Where are the best places to eat in London for #NationalVegetarianWeek 2018? From Test Kitchen menus at Craft to Meatless Swedish Meatballs at home, we've got this fresh, healthy holiday covered.
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Carly Burdova | 14th May 2018
London Office Caterer with Top Customer Reviews
OfficeServe has reached another milestone &mdash; 100 authentic reviews on Trustpilot and top rating as London office caterer. See what our customers have to say about our office lunch delivery service.
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Carly Burdova | 19th February 2019
How to Support the Office for Veganuary
Call it Veganuary, No Meat January or just a New Year's resolution, the UK is ditching meat this month. Here's how to support your team in going meat free this January (and beyond).
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Carly Burdova | 8th January 2019
Office Christmas Catering Beyond Cranberry Sandwiches
If there’s anywhere in the world that knows how to deck the halls for Christmas, it’s London. OfficeServe is going for an on par festive feeling with this year's Christmas catering offering.
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Carly Burdova | 2nd December 2018
Make Lunch, Not War!
Spot the Miliband (hint: appears at 1m 39secs)? It's good to see that after his losing his fight with a bacon sandwich, Ed has found gainful
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Matthew Humberstone | 1st August 2017
Office Guide to Ordering Snacks for Meetings
Office meetings take on a life of their own depending on the topic being discussed, the attendees, time of day and — let's face it — the food being served! Here's how to make each office meeting a snack happy one.
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Carly Burdova | 12th September 2018
Fresh Summer Salad Ideas for the Office — Delivered
A fresh new range of handcrafted salads are on the menu at OfficeServe and available for delivery to your next office meeting. Check out our beautiful new selection.
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Carly Burdova | 2nd July 2018
5 Reasons to Celebrate Admin Professionals' Day
Dear Admins, PAs, EAs, Directors of First Impressions, Chief Happiness Officers and Receptionists — today is all about you. Here are 5 reasons to celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day.
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Carly Burdova | 25th April 2018
Sandwich Platter Delivery: Office Lunch Beyond Pret
It's 10:55am. Appropriate timing to commence the ritual Slack chatter; where to for lunch? But what's on offer beyond your typical Pret and M&amp;S sandwich platters? And who delivers office lunch in London with a focus on quality and reliability? 
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Carly Burdova | 15th March 2018
OfficeServe Launches New Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Platters
OfficeServe is proud to introduce our new range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food platters now available for delivery at your next office meeting. 
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Carly Burdova | 25th February 2018
The Admin's Checklist for an Amazing Office in 2018
As an Admin Assistant, PA, EA or Office Manager you've got an inside look into what <em>really</em> feeds success and failure within your organisation.  
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Carly Burdova | 11th January 2018
6 Reasons We’re Getting Our Office Food Delivered
The food should come to you; you shouldn't have to go to the food! Why so?
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Lewis Lovejoy | 1st August 2017