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6 Reasons We’re Getting Our Office Food Delivered

The food should come to you; you shouldn't have to go to the food! Why so? Enough with herding cats already! It is difficult enough getting all of your meeting guest together in one place. When they get hungry they disappear and some of them never return! Keep them from going off reservation by getting the sandwiches in. The meter is ticking. How much exactly did it cost to get all of these people together in one place? How much is one more hour of their time worth? The mind-boggles... Don't let them out of your sight! Have the food arrive, plenty of it and quickly. When did buying food get so complicate? Out on the high street it is choices, choices and logistics. 'Food shop number one' offers most choice but is further away, 'food shop number two' is closer but with less choice. And exactly how many hands do you have? You'll need bags ... oh and now one of the straps has snapped. Waaah! Fusspots! It was so easy when you were at your desk with the list of dietary requirements in front of you. Now your half-way to shops and you have forgotten who was gluten free and who was vegetarian. If you only you could order online with the piece of paper in front of you ... Guests Incoming, my supplier's engaged and I have no time! The phone, once your trusty friend, is now your enemy - your supplier is dealing with a spike in demand for corporate hospitality and is otherwise engaged. Reach for the internet, my friend, help is at hand. No Cooking, No Cares The kitchen lost your order and is now trying to catch up. Feeding the five hundred other staff at your business premises has come in the way of your perfectly choreographed meeting. What was that URL again? Ah yes

food delivery blog
The Scientific Benefits of Office Love
The taboo of office love is a thing of the past. Science says so, Millenial work trends say so, and if your heart says so too, it must be true! We dive head first into the scientific benefits of love in the workplace.
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Carly Burdova | 12th February 2018
food delivery blog
How to Bring Chinese New Year to the Office
The year of the dog is upon us and if you have any loyal, dependable, courageous colleagues who were born in 1958, 1970, 1982 or 1994 celebrating Chinese New Year is a must. Here's how to bring the holiday spirit to your office. It starts with oranges.  
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Carly Burdova | 31st January 2018