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5 Things Every Office Deserves at Christmas

Christmas at the office can be approached in one of two ways; with joyful embrace or grinch-like scorn. Tinsel, ugly sweaters and too many office cookies are going to happen with or without you, so might as well embrace the season and get on board with the festivities. Here are five things every office deserves at Christmas.

Christmas sandwich platters

It’s an obvious first ‘must-have’ coming from an office catering company, but Christmas themed sandwich platters are one of those things every office deserves. You’ll notice an increase in office food all around: cookies in every corner, free snacks from the resident café, and perhaps a bit of eggnog on Fridays. But unlike Christmas elves, we humans can’t sustain on candy canes and sugar cookies alone. Bring in the sandwiches!

If your London office orders catering from OfficeServe you’ll have a nice surprise in store! Our Christmas menu is full of flavours, including butternut squash & walnut pesto wraps and sandwiches stuffed with cranberry spread, creamy brie, spinach leaves and crunchy pomegranates. We suggest ordering a variety of food platters to please everyone; including colleagues and guests who follow a vegan, vegetarian, halal or gluten free diet.

Dressed up office dog

What makes a cute and cuddly office dog even more cute and cuddly? Said office dog wearing a Christmas themed dog-onesie and Santa hat. We recently asked our friends and fellow Shoreditch office neighbors, Bamboo Crowd, what we could expect from their resident French bulldog in terms of spreading Christmas joy. Their answer? TWO dogs in Santa hats. We stalk their Instagram feed on the regular waiting for promised office dogs in Santa hats.

So far, the top contenders for cutest office Christmas dog are:

Rudolf from Traductoy office
Rudolf, office dog

Stan from TPS office

Stan, office dog

Snoop Dog from Candour Agency office

Snoop dog, office dog

Christmas party (a great one)

A Christmas party is a given. A GREAT Christmas party is deserved. Christmas party planning, believe it or not, starts in the summer. Booking the right venue, planning catering and budgeting for all the details takes office admins a great deal of effort. Be it a theme of Winter Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas or super heroes, be sure to thank the team responsible for organizing the party, especially if it's great!

christmas party lights 

Something besides a branded blue blanket

I will never forget the story of my colleague and the branded blue blanket. It was our annual Christmas party and a tombola was taking place. Her number was drawn. The prize? A company branded blue blanket. In a champagne induced “acceptance speech” she denounced the branded blue blanket as stupid and left the stage.

Her lack of gratitude wasn’t meant to come off as rude, but it was an impulse reaction saying, “really, I work hard all year for this bonus?” Forget branded t-shirts or a branded [insert brand colours] blanket. Give employees a Christmas gift to match the company culture. Is a healthy lifestyle important to your team? Give vouchers to a local juice club or fitness center. Is your company into unique style? Give everyone a pair of trendy socks. Creative agency? How about magnetic page notebooks (yes, those exists!). Whatever the gift, every office deserves presents under the tree.

great gift

Mince pies for days

And finally, every office deserves mince pies delivered on the regular. This year OfficeServe is taking mince pies to great new heights with our Premium Mince Pie Platter. We offer 4 types of luxury mince pies featuring a magnificent combination of unmistakably festive flavours. The winner at our office? The all butter chocolate pastry filled with a sour cherry mincemeat, topped with chocolate crumbles and a delicate dusting of sugar.

Mince pie platter

What's our office doing for Christmas, you ask? Besides team building boxing classes (the shaddow boxing kind, not the packaging kind) we're planning a GLAM themed Christmas party. We, sadly, can't make a claim to an office dog, but we do come into contact with furry friends here at the TOG Albert House building. With plenty of food and cheer to go around, we're in for a very merry office Christmas.

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