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22 Sandwiches Londoners Must Eat

Sandwiches in London are as ubiquitous as black cabs, excessive pleasantries and the weather. But not all sarnies are created equal and we found the 22 sandwiches in London that are in urgent need of eating! Book out the rest of your foreseeable weekends — these mouthwatering sandwiches are worth the hunt. Looking to have sandwiches like ripe French Brie and cranberry or thick cut Wiltshire cured-honey ham with a touch of Dijon mustard delivered to your next office meeting? OfficeServe has you and your team covered. 

1. The Dusty Knuckle - Fig and Burrata

Drenched in wildflower honey and smothered with bright figs and fresh burrata they don’t mess around with their Fig and Burrata sandwich. Located opposite Dalston Junction station (E8 3DP) The Dusty Knuckle (closed Mondays) is first and foremost a bakery so count on eating every last crumb.

The Dusty Knuckle - Figs and Burrata

2.   Other Side Fried - Honey Butter

These genius, cheeky, chicken lovers offer clarity when it comes to that silly chicken on a road. “It crossed to get slathered in smoked honey butter.” Find Other Side Fried 7 days a week at Pop Brixton (SW9 8PQ) or look out for their Ambulance themed truck at a KERB Market.

Other Side Fried - Honey Butter

3. Max’s Sandwich Shop - Ham, Egg ‘n’ Chips

This sandwich has nearly peaked at cult status with a Vice Munchies feature and all. Just take a look at the beauty that is Max’s Ham, Egg ‘n’ Chips sarnie and you get it. With a super simple handwritten menu of 4 solid bites plus a few specials Max’s Sandwich Shop in Stroud Green (N4 4AP) is a classic winner.

Max's Sandwich Shop - Ham, Egg 'n' Chips

4. Bao London - Mini Bao

These light and fluffy mini baos pack a punch and are irresistibly cute. This Taiwanese inspired restaurant has 3 locations in SOHO (W1T 2JN), Fitzrovia (W1F 9AS) and Netil Market (E8 3RL), but seek out the Bao London Fitz location at lunch time if you want to score these mini steam buns!

Bao London - Mini Bao

5. Gourmet Goat - Kid Goat Kofta 

When restaurant owner Nadia thinks back to her home country of Cyprus she thinks flavour. A deep desire to recreate East Mediterranean village dishes led her to opening the wildly successful Gourmet Goat located at Borough Market (SE1 9AF). They have a compelling reason behind using kid goat meat (literally young billie goats) and it’s not just about its superior flavour.

Gourmet Goat - Kid Goat Kofta

6. Zobler - The Reuben

Seeking out this corned beef classic pays off double time because it’s located in The Ned London (EC2R 8AJ). Packed with red corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian sauce and served on toasted rye, Zobler’s Reuben is one for the books. Peak around The Ned to soak up that 1920's glamour! (image via @the.xandwich - the man about London who really knows his sandwichs)

Zobler - The Reuben

7. The Yorkshire Burrito - Roast Dinner Yorkshire

Imagine a roast dinner wrapped inside a Yorkshire pudding. That’s exactly what’s happening here. Try anything from the team at Yorkshire Burrito, located at Street Food Union (W1D 7PF), to sweep your taste buds north and experience something so quintessentially British it may bring a tear to your eye. Particularly satisfying on a Saturday morning.

Yorkshire Burrito - Roast Dinner

8. Kêu! - Roast Duck Banh Mi

Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and filled with a sweet and spicy house cooked duck. Kêu! stands out when it comes to serving up this Vietnamese classic because they create everything in-house and fresh on the spot. Head to Shoreditch (EC1V 9DR) to try the Vietnamese answer to the French baguette.

Keu! - Roast Duck Banh Mi

9. Sub Cult - Sub-Marine

Ben and Gaz, owners of Sub Cult, don’t serve up your average surf-and turf sandwich (nothing against steak and lobster). With a hefty portion of slow cooked pulled pork shoulder, seared scallops, blackened calamari, pork crackling and lemon and parsley mayo no wonder this submarine sandwich has won national awards.  

Sub Cult - Sub-Marine

10. Sosharu London - Tonkatsu Pork Sandwich

This British-Japanese inspired restaurant and bar in Clerkenwell (EC1M 5RR) offers a refined take on the izakaya -  a type of informal Japanese gastropub. By this definition, the fatty, mouth-watering Tonkatsu pork sandwich is a menu highlight.  The origins of Tonkatsu (breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet) can be traced back to a Tokyo restaurant from 1899. We’re sure happy it’s still here in 2018.

Sosharu London - Tonkatsu Pork Sandwich

11. Morty and Bob’s - Lamb Flatbread

If you’re lucky enough to score a lunch special like this lamb flatbread with feta, pomegranate molasses, pine nut, hummus and tzatziki — order two! With beautiful lighting in a modern, yet cozy home-like atmosphere Morty and Bob’s in Hackney (E8 3RL) is a place to linger. Vegetarians are in luck too with their beyond melt “straight up grilled cheese”.

Morty and Bob's - Lamb Flatbread

12. DF/Mexico

Set foot in Mexico and you soon realize nachos and burritos don’t even scrape the surface of the country’s diverse cuisine. Enter DF/Mexico (two locations - E1 6QR and W1T 1BL) where they’ve taken a twist on the torta - a Mexican sandwich that became popular after WWII.

DF/Mexico - Torta

13. Slingin' Po Boys - Surf 'n' Turf Po Boy

Hailing from Louisiana the original Po Boy was, well, for the poor boys working the streetcars in New Orleans. This surf 'n' turf certainly isn't begging for any handouts with Cajun chicken, blackened shrimp, habanero chili jam, American cheese and slaw in French style po boy bread. Find the Slingin' Po Boys in SOHO at the Street Food Union.     

Slingin Po Boys - Surf 'n' Turf Po Boy

14. Dishoom - Bacon and Egg Naan Roll

Nothing says good morning quite like Dishoom's take on bacon and eggs. Dry-cured for 5 days, the streaky bacon is something to obsess over. Grace the baked-to-order naan with a little cream cheese, chilli tomato jam and fresh herbs, add a perfectly runny egg and it's no wonder this London establishment carries it's many accolades on a silver platter. 

Dishoom - Bacon and Egg Naan Roll 

15. Deeney's - The McBeth

"Like a highland breeze wafting up your kilt" this haggis sandwich promises to be simple, tasty and fresh. After establishing itself as a cult unto itself The McBeth took from the streets of London markets to a permanent Deeney's cafe in Leyton (E10 5PW). But don't worry, you can still feel that Scottish breeze on your legs at regular weekend markets (SATURDAY - Broadway Market. E8 4QJ / SUNDAY - Chatsworth Rd Market. E5 0LH).

The McBeth

16. Babek Brothers - The Kim Koftasian

Affectionately called "The Kimmy K" this kofta wrap is perhaps what the reality TV star's dreams are made of. Dripping with a creamy garlic yoghurt this beaut lives side by side on Babek Brother's menu along with The Notorious P.I.G., Nigel Fromage and Tikka Turner. This duo sources meat from their parents in Devon where they grew up and promises only the best grass fed and free range animals. Follow their website to see which food market the brothers are headed to next. 

Babek Brothers - The Kim Koftasian

17. The Good Egg - Sabich

A sandwich introduced to the world by Iraqi Jews, the sabich at The Good Egg represents what this vegetarian breakfast sandwich is all about. Filled with delicately fried aubergines, potato, egg, Yemenite chilli sauce and pickles the sabich is a sandwich to savour. Not feeling like a full meal? Try a slice of The Good Egg's incredible PB&J babka. 

The Good Egg - Sabich

18. Rola Wala - Sourdough Naan Roll

"Indian just got epic" according to the traveling Aussie Mark Wright who combined his experiences from the Kolkata backsteets, Bombay beaches and Keralan waterways to create the magic known as Rola Wala. The key ingredient to this Sourdough Naan Roll is the Bengali Spiced Beef - slow cooked with fennel, fenugreek, nigella, cumin and mustard seed. 

Rola Wala - Sourdough Naan Roll

19. Bob's Lobster - The Lobster Roll 

Cool VW Camper Van. Lobster. Yep, we'll be there. Nobody knows lobster quite like Bob and that's why they cut straight to the chase and serve up their Lobster Roll with a big fat claw. Until they lay to rest at their permanent location in Spring 2018 they invite you to dine at their test kitchen on the First Floor Tasting room at Bedales Wines of Borough Market.  

Bob's Lobster - The Lobster Roll

20. Breddos Tacos - Beef Shortrib Birria

Reputed as the ultimate hangover cure, Breddo's Beef Shortrib Birria is inspired by the many roadside taquerias the founders have encountered whilst traveling throughout America and Mexico. Poured over with bone marrow jus, this take on a Jalisco favourite will be calling out on Saturday morning. 

Berber & Q - Beef Shortrib Birria

21. Hawksmoor - The Seven Year Steak Sandwich 

It only took 7 years, but as The Guardian says, "If you love steak and live near Covent Garden, the quality of your life just went up." As a reputalbe steak restaurant, Hawksmoor took it's precious time to perfect their signature meat into sandwich form, but with Rib-eye steak, Graceburn cream cheese, watercress and lots of fresh horseradish we're confident they got it right. 

Hawksmoor - The Seven Year Steak Sandwich

22. Baba G's - Baba Naga Delhi Double

To round out the list is Baba G's riduculous Baba Naga Delhi Double. Not a first, second or fifth date spot, Baba G's is ready for the committed. It's a BYOT (towel) situation that is worth every bite. And don't worry, they do a "single" version of the Delhi Double ... judgment not included.  

Baba G's - Baba Naga Delhi Double

Is there another London sandwich you think should be on the list? Tell us about it by tweeting @OfficeServeFood. We'll go on a team tasting mission and perhaps add it to our list! 

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